Comparing Child Care Websites Like Kids Health

I was browsing around the net for medical information and ran across this great site called Kidshealth. I knew it had to be a special site right off the bat because of its high ranking in Google (yeah, I know this is not a sure-fire way to tell ... but still!). What really sold me on the site, though, was the site itself. It is a really informative place for people of all ages to find out a great deal of information on various aspects of health and life. Here are reasons to consider it: #1: There are three different sections. There is the parent's section, the teen's section and the kid's section. And they are all appropriate for their audience. For example, in the parent's section, you will find tons of ways to feed your children the appropriate food, talk to them about their bodies, and it even touches on more serious topics like helping your children stop smoking. The teen's section gets into topics such as sex, infections and peer pressure to drink, smoke and does drugs; and the kid's section has cute spelling bees and other quizzes that both entertain and educate children about their well being. #2: They give great advice. I'm always leery about seeking out information on the Internet because I'm never sure about the source providing the information. But this site is awesome in that the information is being provided by the Nemours Foundation's Center for Children's Health Media, an organization that was created in 1936 by Alfred I. DuPont as a way to help improve children's healthcare. I must say that they are maintaining his intentions by providing advice on how to stay in good physical and mental health. For parents, they teach you how to talk to your children and cope with emotions and behavior. For teens, they talk about ways to deal with pressure from friends. And with kids, they talk about ways to stay safe when away from home. #3: They have a great Q&A section. Their question and answer section for each portion of their website is wonderful because it presents real-life concerns that people have expressed in relation to their own lives. And what is cool as that the kid's section also has one. This is important because children think and ask questions in a very different way than adults do. And they deserve to have their questions answered in a similar fashion to the way they think - this is the best way to ensure comprehension. In addition to the above reasons I love the site is its user-friendliness. It is a really simple to navigate, which is great for the kids. And there is nothing on the site that is inappropriate - all questions asked on the site are screened first before the question, or an answer, is posted. So what else is there to love? I think the sheer idea that there is a health website dedicated to kids that teaches everyone who deals with them - including them - how to cope with their lives is a wonderful thing. There definitely need to be more sites out like this one that are dedicated to understanding physical and emotional health and maintaining overall well being. If there were, the world would potentially be a better place, right?