Soul Food Recipes Websites Offering Healthy Heart Cooking Tips

Soul food recipes are growing healthier, to the delight of health experts and medical professionals. The popular southern cuisine have been a tradition of tasty eating for people for many decades. But the high calorie, fat and sodium have been a concern for health professionals. Traditional recipes have called for high amounts of fat, butter, salt and cream. This has always worked to make food rich and tasty - but unhealthy. The ingredients have proven to contribute toward obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and other health ailments. But newer websites offers visitors creative ways to cook healthy soul food recipes while keeping the robust flavors and taste people have come to love. The experts do this by using natural herbs, spices and flavors to make the dishes interesting and entertaining. In addition, lighter cooking techniques is also demonstrated with free state-of-the art videos visitors can watch on demand. These newer websites is updated each day, so visitors can get the latest healthy cooking tips. Many tech-savvy websites also offer entertaining video recipes and demonstrations by experts - of the top soul food recipes. The recipes are voted by readers and experts based on page views for the day. That means visitors get minute by minute updates on the most popular recipes. An interesting addition to many websites is the addition of a seasoning dictionary, where the reader can see what seasoning goes with what foods. This is an important aspect of cooking southern food. Why? Because robust flavors is the hallmark of southern cooking. The biggest mistake people make when seasoning is either too much, or too little. The seasoning dictionary helps cooks to accurately apply herbs, seasonings and spices... mistake free. The best way to prepare and enjoy soul food cooking now is the healthy way. More modern websites help visitors cook with flair, fun and health in mind.