Fun Kids Websites For Summer

Fruit and veggie gifts are the theme of this fun kids website, but if you are looking for a website that might appeal to your child when the long summer sets in and after with imaginative characters of fruits and veggies I found this one called "Lunchbox Bunch." The website is designed to sell products such as T shirts, greeting cards and storybooks for kids of all ages and through the teen years. In addition to lots of nutrition information, the website incorporates kids games and quizzes.
It's fun to match a cleverly drawn vegetable character to your personality and name your favorites and have your friends join in the fun.
Kathleen Patalsky, creator of the website, is a young artist with an idea. Her press release states she has been a life-long vegetarian and is keenly interested in influencing the eating habits of children. She reaches out to kids and adults with her designs to promote eating more fruits and vegetables. She has designed, with considerable artistic talent, a collection of fruit and veggie characters with personality. They primarily appeal to children but many of the products can be enjoyed by adults as well.
If teachers or parents are looking for a fun activity to do with kids, the website sells a packet of nutritional flashcards using the veggie characters. Children can fill in the outstanding nutritional qualities of the fruits and vegetables.
You can send Kathleen an email if you are interested in the Tee shirts, storybooks and other products sold from the site.
But this article is about the fun activities that you can create with your child when you go to this website. Many websites for kids have almost too much clutter and "noise." The beautiful colors and simple activities on this website are just enough to enjoy and not overwhelm them. An additional benefit is the healthful one. The parent can work into the viewing a nutritional lesson as well. The teens will just enjoy choosing a character they like. Reward them with one of the cute Tee shirts in their favorite fruit or veggie.
Try using your child's imagination on this website and make up your own activities. Ask your child which character is their favorite and why. Which fruit or vegetable is their favorite and why. Maybe your child can write a story using one of the characters. Look for the "Activities" page. Doing activities with your child may encourage them to use their imagination, increase their nutritional awareness, and eat more fruits and vegetables.