Pet Health Websites - Where to Look For Answers

When you have a medical question related to your pet, do you know where to look for answers? Many pet owners feel confused about where to get answers to their questions about their pet's health. The internet is a great modern day source to use. But with the advancement in technology comes a quantity of websites about pet health which can be overwhelming.  A few sites I have found useful are: Petside, ThePetCenter, and WebVet.
If you own a cat or dog, this is a great site for you. If your pet is displaying some unusual symptoms and you want to get a diagnosis to whether it is a common problem or if you need to seek professional help, you can use the symptoms checker application. They offer helpful videos and informative articles related to current and seasonal concerns. You can also use the site's online store to purchase your 4 legged companion a gift.
This site is a new one that I discovered and now love. It covers everything from simple everyday fleas to complex radiology treatments. If you want a site that explains in detail how to determine the sex of a kitten to what to expect when you take your pet in for surgery, this may be the one for you. You can chat online with an online veterinarian about a question you have. If you need to find a local vet, they have an application for you to search for one. They offer an online store where you can purchase items from your pet's medicine to a skin product.
One of my favorites is WebVet because I have found that it has a load of information on cats and dogs as well as birds and small pets. This site is a great site for a first time pet owner who has lots of concerns or for a long time pet owner who wants to keep up-to-date on pet issues and discoveries in the pet world. The articles they provide handle topics from disabilities to stress. You can even search for a pet friendly hotel for your upcoming vacation.
The most important thing about finding a site is discovering one that you find has helpful advice regarding YOUR pet!