What is Hot in the German, Health Based Internet Ventures

The German Health industry is pioneering many new fields and it is a good idea to keep a tab about the health websites and what they offer as hot selling products. This helps the local shops to get an idea about new products that work and it also helps buyers of these products to validate the popularity across the globe. Not many folks visit the foreign language websites. Hence they are not aware about this new technique of cross comparison of what the others in the other side of the world are considering as hot products. May be they are hot because of their ground breaking benefits. May be they are hot because they are highly debated. No matter what having an idea helps in multiple ways.
The product categories are dealt with in this article rather than individual products:
1. Pheromones:
This is a highly debated topic, after the discovery in Germany about the existence of the Sex Sense. This is a reaction caused due to the existence of certain bio-chemicals in the mate. Human study is inconclusive, but there are many products that sell like hot cakes for inducing this sense.
2. Low Carb Diet products: 
The shakes and bars are hot products in this category.
3. Weight Gain products: funny as it may seem but weight gainers are hot sellers in these websites. The hot sellers are the muscle builders that don't add fat but rather that could create good muscles. This is a much sought item by male models.
4. Fat Burners: The metabolic booster products are the other main top seller. The latest trend is the green tea based products.
5. Speed Booster : these products are one more in high demand. Given the current active lifestyle people crave for, the physical body needs the extra boost to do the exercise on top of the long day of tiring work. Folks have become health conscious and they have discovered that rather than lead a life of a couch potato, it is better to have well built body. This needs the necessary energy to start the workouts and keep the muscles at work. This category is well publicized by the fitness clubs as part of their training.
These five categories are topping the charts but there are more and more new products in the vitamins section making the charts. The pheromones seem to be a hip product for selling to teenagers and the young folks who are more active in you know what I mean.